15 Best Potential NFTs of 2022

Crypto punks


One of the first NFT collections, Cryptopunks NFT, created by Larva Labs in 2017, is as old as an NFT gets, bar the Etheria.

Cryptopunks, generated algorithmically, walked so others could fly, being one of the first NFTs created on the Ethereum blockchain. It was the butt of criticism from outsiders who questioned why anyone would see a pixelated image of punk as an asset.

Although it comprises mainly human punks, the 10,000 NFT collection also includes 88 zombie punks, 24 Ape punks, and 9 alien punks. An alien punk that sold for $11.75 million is the highest legitimate purchase from the collection.

Famous holders include world tennis superstar Serena Williams, iconic American rapper Jay-Z, and colleague, Snoop Dogg who is a huge Crypto enthusiast.


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