15 Smartest Dogs You Can Get Yourself Today

2. Poodles


Poodles originated from Germany and just like the German Shepherd, these dogs are very popular. They are available in three sizes that include miniature, toy and the standard variation. If you want a poodle for your family then the standard variety works best. The standard poodle is smart and also very gentle whenever it’s around young children. This type of poodle is also good for people who have some allergies because with them there isn’t too much shedding when compared to other dog breeds. In terms of their work poodles are impressively efficient which is why a lot of people like to involve them in hunting activities. They also have amazing instincts and are among the easiest dogs to train. You however have to be very consistent in training them because they need to exercise regularly. This helps them uphold good behavior otherwise they will get restless. Poodles have a waterproof coat and are very graceful when they move. They dislike harsh tones and also don’t enjoy being kept outside. They suffer from separation anxiety when they are left alone.


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