5 Foods That Dislike Being In The Fridge

After purchasing food the first thing we think about is how to protect and preserve the products. Here are 5 foods that do not like cool temperature:



If your wish is to fully benefit from the nutrients that bananas contain, do not but the fruits in the fridge. The right place for them is your kitchen counter. Let them ripen in room temperature. Ripening slows down in cold places and food loses its good properties.


Both coffee beans and ground coffee enjoy cool spots. Store coffee in a dry and dark place if you want it to smell and taste nice. This product needs to be stored in an airtight box. If you have lots of coffee and know that you won’t be to use it in the nearest few weeks, feel free to freeze it. In this case you’ll have to warp it in an airtight bag. Your coffee will be fresh for up to one month or longer.


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