5 Restaurants Specially Designed for Unusual Dining Experiences

After reading the article below, we are sure you will not be able to resist going to one of them. They are worth your travelling to the most distant locations to see how unusual and exclusive these facilities are.

1. Tosca, Hong Kong


Puccini’s opera gave the name to a wonderful restaurant located in Hong Kong. At Tosca the chef will do all possible to make you feel as if you are in Italy. Have a look at the dramatic environment and luxurious atmosphere of the place. The interior is decorated with chandeliers, fountains and high ceilings. The skyline as well as Hong Kong harbor can be easily observed through the large windows. Experts claim that the menu includes some of the best dishes with seafood. Taste them to see if they are right.

2. Le Panoramic, France

There’re plenty of ski resorts in France. One of the oldest ski resorts is Chamonix. That’s one of the most popular skiing facilities nestling on the summit of the ski station called Br?vent. Swing by the restaurant at lunch and have a snack. Sip on your coffee and enjoy the views of Mont Blanc, the second highest mountain in Europe and the highest one in the Alps. At Le Panoramic guests are offered well-known European dishes, such as foie gras, steak, soup and pasta.


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