5 Restaurants Specially Designed for Unusual Dining Experiences

3. Ascher Cliff Restaurant, Switzerland


Not all dining locations are easy to reach. If you are ready for some challenge, you are welcome to visit the Ascher Cliff Restaurant situated in Switzerland, around five kilometers above sea level. Prepare for a long hike up – you’ll need at least 3 hours to reach the spot. Well, after such an adventure you will definitely need food to recharge! The scenery is amazing and you’ll never regret having to take the hike. The menu consists of some of the best selections of dishes and beverages.

4. Eden Rock Hotel, St. Barths

Oetker Collection hotels are famous for their luxurious facilities. One of them is the Eden Rock, their special dining venue. It is modern and elegant at the same time. The restaurant is build close to St. Jean Bay and provides the stunning views of snow white sands. This place is run by two internationally acclaimed chefs Jean-Georges Vongerichten with Eric Desbordes. The cuisine promises you fine dining with an exotic and somewhat exquisite touch.


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