5 Wonderful Uses For Lemons

Lemons are grown all around the globe. This fragrant fruit loves warm climates. You can find lots of lemon plantations in Greece, Italy and the United States. How many uses for this citrus fruit do you know?

Read further to find out what lemons are good for.

1. Cleaning Agent


Lemons are very juicy. The juice that lemons contain can dissolve grime. It breaks down grease, too. It is extremely useful for cleaning windowpanes. Making your own window cleaner is easy and requires no special skills or money: just combine vinegar with lemon juice, then add some water and cornstarch. If you’ve got cutting boards dirty with grease, take care of them and make them perfectly clean. Cut a lemon and use it together with coarse salt. In case you want to clean plates, add some lemon juice to your dishwasher next time you wash glass items. Lemons will also clean shower fittings and faucets. Rub them over the surface, then rinse it all with warm water. Try and make a paste using baking soda and vinegar. Now add some essential lemon oil to the mix and pour in some water and – voilà – here you have a great all-purpose cleaner. Clean greasy graters by rubbing half a lemon onto them.


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