5 Wonderful Uses For Lemons

2. Polish Aid


It’s easy to prepare polish at home. And again you’ll need some lemon. Squeeze some lemon juice or use the one you purchased at the store. Afterwards, mix in some olive oil. That’s it – your homemade polish is ready! The best proportion is 1:2. Use the polish to refresh furniture and leather. Another recipe is to mix lemon juice with vinegar (1:1). This kind of polish is great to clean metals like copper and brass. That’s not all you can use lemon for. We recommend you should mix lemon juice with baking soda in equal proportions or according to the consistency you want your paste to be. The mixture can be used to remove tarnish from copper. You can use it on brass as well! If you have silver items, try out a different recipe. Take half a cup of dry milk powder and mix it with 1.5 cups of water. Carefully mix in one tablespoon of the juice, too. Leave your silver in the mixture for a few hours or overnight. Thoroughly rinse and dry the items. If silver is badly tarnished, apply some lemon juice directly onto the silverware first and then polish it with a clean soft cloth.


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