6 Foods That Should Not Be Found in Your Fridge

5. Tuna


Who doesn’t keep canned tuna in the fridge? This is another common practice. We only need to keep it in the fridge if the food is unsealed. If the can is still unopened, then you can keep it outside of the fridge. Just like pickles, canned tuna contains preservatives that help the food stay fresh for long without cold air. Actually, canned tuna tastes better if it is kept at room temperature. Low temperatures change the taste and flavor of the fish.

6. Ketchup

Ketchup contains acids. And, as we all know, acids kill bacteria and stop them from growing and developing further. What it means is that you can keep your bottle of ketchup without placing it in the fridge. Besides the acids, this product had preservatives. They also maintain the quality of the food and make it valid for many months and even years even if the bottle is unsealed.


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