9 Major Foods for Each Age

2. … in your 30’s


Now that you’ve lived 30 years, you need to reconsider your current diet and make it more varied. Include beans. This sort of food provides your body with plant-based protein. They are rich in folate – an element necessary for pregnant women. Try out different species and remember to eat black beans. Folate can also be found in other products like dark leafy greens and nuts as well as asparagus and avocado.
Flax seeds have been gaining popularity at a tremendous speed. More and more people under their 40’s consume this product on a regular basis. Although these seeds lack flavor, they have lots of health benefits. They have plenty of omega-3 fatty acids and prevent arthritis. Another great choice would be chia seeds. From time to time you should eat sunflower seeds. Omega-3 fatty acids are found in anchovies too.


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