Classic Austrian Desserts To Try When You’re In Vienna

If you’ve ever met an Austrian, you’ll know that they take dessert time very seriously. The reason is clear, Austrian desserts have been around for centuries and have become a point of pride for the country. Many of these desserts have become widely known even outside of Austria, and you might have even heard of them already. While you’re visiting Vienna, you absolutely must sample these desserts, and also explore others on your own.

Linzer Torte


This dessert is named for the city of Linz and it made of a buttery, butty crust that is full of delicious tart raspberry jam. The shortbread crust is topped with the preserves and then topped with a lattice pattern on top. What makes the crust outstandingly delicious is the use of lemon zest, cinnamon, lemon juice, and nuts. While it is often eaten at Christmastime, it can be enjoyed year round.


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