Eating one egg every day? This is what it does to your body and health

Should we all be eating one egg a day?

A nice fried, boiled or poached egg for breakfast on Sunday morning is always a treat. Yet we’re often warned about the level of cholesterol in eggs. So, is it healthy to be eating one egg a day? What does it do to your body and are there any health benefits?


We did some research!


Eggs contain cholesterol. Our bodies need this fat-like substance because it is a necessary building block when it comes to the production of hormones, bile and body cells, among other things. A large amount of the cholesterol we need is made by our body itself, in the liver. We derive the rest of the cholesterol we need from the food we eat. A too high level of cholesterol increases the chance of cardiovascular diseases. That’s why the recommended amount of cholesterol on a daily basis is 300 milligrams.

Daily recommended intake

The yolk of an egg already contains about 200 milligrams of cholesterol, while the egg white is free of the substance. You’ll have noticed that by eating one egg yolk, you’ve already nearly reached the daily recommended intake of cholesterol. If you eat one egg a day and no other products that contain this substance, you’ll be fine. But butter, margarine, cheese, fatty meats and all kinds of snacks also contain cholesterol. So, eating one egg a day is fine, as long as you make sure that the rest of your diet is balanced around it.


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