Take advantage of this tip for laundry and see what happens!

Priceless benefits of static saver


When you can prevent static electricity you gain a lot for your convenience. Your clothes and outfits retain their quality much longer. Even your clothes with zippers or rubbers that are susceptible to static electricity, stand to retain much of their quality. And the best bet is that a static saver is sure to save you money that you would have spent on other additives and fabric softeners. Now let’s get into how to get the method in motion.

Getting prepared for this method

This very method is a true revelation and all you need for it is aluminum foil. Only an aluminum foil of good grade and quality is recommended.

Now to begin these steps:

Step 1: Rip off a good portion of aluminum foil about an arm’s stretch in length. You will need three of such torn pieces.

Step 2: Roll each of the torn pieces into the size of a tennis ball. Here’s to getting ready for the real task.


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