The Most Beautiful Beaches Of Sicily

Sicily is an island that can offer you the beautiful scenery, in addition to the fact that the sea and beaches of this incredible region can be truly amazing beauty. However, the most spectacular places in Sicily with the best characteristics are not known. There are actually some really wonderful beaches that are not filled with tourist chaos, and that is really worth a visit. Let’s look at some of them.

4.Eraclea Minoa (Agrigento)


On the southern coast of Sicily, just outside the town of Agrigento, we find it is a true miracle of nature, consisting of a thin and clear sand and is ideal for endless walks.

The beach is located at the foot of rocky walls, completely covered with lush greenery and well-equipped with a sufficient number of stalls and bars.

3.Zingaro Nature Reserve (Trapani)

Even if you’re not too familiar with the Zingaro nature reserve in Sicily, you must have definitely heard about its beautiful bays, at least once.

Explore the beautiful bays and remember that seven of them are accessible only by boat. This makes them unique and keeps intact. As soon as you arrive at the location — in front of your eyes will be a paradise on earth, represented by the blue crystal clear waters and abundant wildlife.


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