Top 10 Most Expensive Shoes Available For Women

Marilyn Monroe once mused, “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Of course, the “right” pair of shoes may be different for every woman aiming to conquer the world in her own way. Misty Copeland takes the art of classical ballet by storm in pointe shoes. Lindsey Vonn tears up the slopes in ski boots. And some of the most fashionable businesswomen and entertainers conquer their corners of the world in some of the most expensive shoes imaginable.

Some of these outrageously expensive shoes can be spotted clicking down the streets of Paris, Milan and London, while others frequent the red carpets of Hollywood and even the boardrooms of New York. Wherever these works of art are found, chances are that a woman conquering the boundaries of her world can be found wearing them with unusual confidence, grace and strength. While the most expensive shoes on the planet are one-of-a-kind, a number of high-priced shoes are available for every woman looking to express her own self-assured and stunning style.

10. Louis Vuitton – Laureate High Boot – $2,440


This extravagant boot combines a turn of the century sensibility and modern flair. Although the seemingly endless black metal eyelets and lace detailing catch the eye immediately, it is the combination of calf leather and nubuck calf leather that makes this boot an especially rare find.

9. Gucci  – Embroidered Knee Boot – $2,480

This Italian-made boot is as fun and tongue-in-cheek as the Vuitton Laureate high boot is seriously stylish. For starters, each boot in a pair is unique. Although both have side-zips and are made of black leather, their embellishments are completely different. The left boot has crystal star and moon encrusted details in blue and copper. The right boot has star and heart encrusted details in pink and silver. From a distance, these boots remind one of children’s rain boots, but at nearly $2,500 per pair, they are anything but childish.


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