Top 5 most expensive yachts in the world

3. Dubai Yacht


Dubai is one of the best yacht, which is owned by Mohammed Bin Rashid Mehtum, the sheikh of Dubai and UAE Prime Minister. The cost of yacht stands at 350 million dollars. It was built based on a partnership of German shipbuilding companies, but later it was transferred to Dubai. Development of the construction vessel engaged in by Andrew Winch. The yacht is equipped with two engines at 6323 kW, which allows it to accelerate to 26 knots. The vessel is capable of a period of four weeks did not come into port, because fuel reserves amount to 1 250 000 liters. The yacht has many guest suites and VIP-cabins, 7 decks, Jacuzzi and swimming pool, large boats, helipad and a casino. Many rooms are decorated with handmade carpets and floors with mosaic glass. Very unusual looks like a large living room that resembles an oasis in the desert. To increase security, the yacht is equipped with a special evacuation system that is used on airplanes – inflatable rafts and bridges.


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