Top 5 most expensive yachts in the world

2. Eclipse


The yacht owned by Roman Abramovich. It was created by “Blohm + Voss” in Hamburg. Initially the yacht cost was of 340 million euros during the construction, but the final cost is 800 million euros. The maximum speed is 25 knots. Eclipse length is 553 feet. The vessel is designed in the style of a warship. It ensures complete safety from the paparazzi, because it has a laser protection. The owner’s bedroom has bulletproof glass and armor. The yacht has two helipads, a mini machine to explore the underwater world, the missile defense system. In addition, there are 3 motor boats that have items for first aid, and radio stations. The yacht has nine decks, four pleasure boats, as well as twenty watercraft. It is equipped with ultra-modern satellite systems and motion sensors.


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