Top 7 Current Luxury cars

Luxury cars used to all be the same big saloons with lots of wood, leather, and power for decades, but that’s no longer the case. The highest level of opulence can now be found in a variety of forms and even at a variety of prices.

7- Cadillac Escalade ESV:


A mansion with 20 bathrooms, a yacht with 26 bedrooms, or this SUV with eight screens, 36 speakers, and a few time zones between the front and rear lights are all examples of gross excess. It’s the Cadillac Escalade, a king-size luxury SUV. The pictures don’t really show how big it is, so let us give you an idea: the badge is up, the front is the size of a human face, the tiny wheels are actually 22 inches, and the huge body can fit seven bulky seats and still have room for a big trunk. Because people can be so far apart in this size that they can’t hear each other talk, Cadillac came up with the conversation enhancer, which plays your voice through the speakers so that people in the third row can also hear you. We previously mentioned eight screens, six of which are front-facing and the remaining two are the largest in automobile history. You can connect two PlayStations to them, so even the driver can relax. The escalade is excessive, but in the world of one per center, that’s often what luxury is. This is due to the super cruise, which is the best autopilot system currently available.


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