Top 7 Current Luxury cars

6- Rolls Royce Phantom VIII:


The majority of reviewers say that the Rolls phantom is the best luxury car ever made and the best car ever made, but it’s not the build quality or the exotic materials that shine the most. The Phantom’s air suspension simply glides over any pothole, and the V12 engine is so smooth you could balance a coin on its edge while revving that nothing else in the world compares to the absolute serenity and tranquility of the interior. There are some 300 pounds of noise-insulating material tucked away all over the place, and even the silent steel tires are specially developed just for this car. Now, just imagine how much that vibration will be in the backseat—even though the gearbox is synchronized with the GPS system so that it shifts before a hill climb could cause jerkiness. The experience of being inside the phantom is comparable to taking an excessive amount of morphine because you are immediately taken out of the world. You don’t feel, hear, or see anything; it’s almost eerie. Another insane aspect of the big RR is its list of ridiculous options, which ranges from the 44 000 colors that are available to the headliner that can display the star alignment from the day that you were born. The possibilities for speccing a truly one-of-a-kind phantom in this dashboard area are truly endless, or you can simply purchase the base specification without any options that would also be a one-of-a-kind phantom.


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