Unique Beauty – 19 Photos Of Rare Genetic Phenotypes In Humans

Homo sapiens, or humans, are an incredibly widespread and diverse species. All the different groups of people around the world present beautiful and unique hereditary qualities. Some humans, however, will possess unique traits that are hard to find anywhere in the world. We are talking about incredible genetic differences that make some people stand out from the crowd.
In the past, and sadly to this day, those that looked different from most would be discriminated against and even, in severe cases, persecuted. This is perhaps humanity’s worst flaw, the inability to accept or even appreciate our differences.
That is why we set out on a mission: to explore and highlight some of the most incredible genetic presentations. We hope that you enjoy this list of natural wonders and that your understanding of humanity is broadened.

1. Heterochromia


Like mother, like son. This gorgeous mother and her beautiful son, who is only one year old, both have a rare type of heterochromia. This is a condition in which a person will have different colors in each eye. In this case, both the mother and son have sensational mixtures of dark and ice-blue colors. We could spend ages just staring into their eyes, to see how their mesmerizing irises’ have blended. This baby also inherited his mother’s heartwarming smile.

2. Heterochromia And Albinism

No, this is not a promotional poster for the next The Witcher season. This is a real person, who, to be fair, does look like a magical princess from a fairytale. Have you ever seen a person with albinism before? This genetic condition severely reduces the pigment responsible for protecting us from the sun, called melanin. This girl also has heterochromia, however, which has granted her one ice-blue eye, and one red one. She is truly beautiful!


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